As an entrepreneur you need to understand that having a good product is never enough. Spending years fine-tuning your product is not always a guarantee that it will be an instant sales success when you eventually introduce it into the market. The human mind is weary of change, and you need to know most people will rather stick to what they know than try our something new. Sometimes it is not because they are afraid of change or averse to risk, but because of the effectiveness of their routine.

A successful entrepreneurs understand this truth so he invest time in studying people’s habits and how it will affect the way the business is perceived. He must learn how to convince the consumers to use his products, an investor, and a top employee ( that his company his best  for their career progress). Once your product is set for the market, you will need to ask yourself these 5 key questions.. Is my product relevant enough to get the required attention?..Do a market research and do not assume that your product is the next best thing in innovation or invention.

Have I indentified my market? And if I have how will I reach my market,  You should understand that innovation is the key to relevance and virtually every company is innovating to stay relevant. You need to ask yourself what makes your product a better option to that of your competitors’. Where your product is new you need to determine if this indeed sellable , and if it will is this “newness” durable . Next you need to plan a sales and marketing strategy. A product might be all that but without a good marketing strategy it is as good as dead!. How will you make money sir!

Connections are important. Ask yourself who you are and who you know and seek to know how you can leverage on your network to deliver on your sales targets. The key to influencing decision making in business is you need to be “psychic” . Your audience will always have questions that they might not want to ask. Knowing these questions and offering answers during a presentation is key. Let me help you with 5 of these

Did I really need to rack my brain before I understand your product and its relevance? The more confused you leave me after your presentation the lower the chances that I will be interested in your offer.
Has your presentation left me eager to sign on your team? Have you presented facts and figures that show me your business is going to be a lucrative investment? Does this product actually make life a lot easier than its predecessors ( if it has any)?






What is your market size?  If you affirm that it is huge will I be interested in your marketing strategy ? Being a start up, you cannot afford to be cliché. You need to do things differently to attract the desired investors, numbers of consumers , and right employees. As usual I will give you five !

You need a punch line that captures the essence of your product. For instance Nokia’s is “connecting people” it makes sense and captures the essence of their mobile communication business.  Horlicks’ ( which I love so much by the way ) it’s “taller stronger , sharper” now show  me that mother that does not want healthy and smart kids

Speak in more interesting ways while marketing to whomever. Adopt metaphors that will emphasize the relevance of your products.


Say something like “ eating chips without ketchup ( your product) is hard work. You might finish the chips but it will be a boring meal” . .Do not joke with pictures I repeat… a good picture is expedient!

I can remember all the bed time stories I heard as a child . So leverage on peoples’ love for stories. People will always remember stories , facts and figures become more “beautiful” when you can merge them into a good story so become a story teller.

Tell them about the past when “evil roamed the earth” because of the absence of your product . Proceed to the emergence of hope – when your product was in development – for mankind .Conclude with the bright future that has begun and will get better now that your product is here



When it comes to money be straight forward whether with an investor, customer, or employee. Do not be ambiguous. State in clear and sincere terms how you will invest funds, handle remunerations, and how much a customer should pay .In this case we want facts only!

 Trust is important in business. So when you make bold claims (such as sharp spikes in profits) . Understand that this is a routine marketing gimmick and your audience will be skeptical. Immediately show them how you are different from the pack kill skeptism .

You become more credible and you milk empathy…Thank me later  When you can handle spoken and unspoken demands on decision makers, you will always stand head and shoulders above the completion.