How Brain Is Involved in Hearing

It is not the ear which let us hear various sounds around us but the brain is the real listener. In daily life you listen to songs, voices and other sounds all is just because we have brain due to which you are able to respond. The brain plays a very crucial role in hearing. It translates impulses into a sound that we hear and respond and understand. It is sound wave which travels in our ear due to which we can hear. GenBrain supplement is 100% natural and has no harmful side effects. Read GenBrain Reviews this significantly increases the overall size of the brain without compromising the side effects of the drug. This add-on will improve your emotional performance, improve memory and make you focus like never before in your life.

Brain and ear work together

The ear is the combination of many parts that let the sound wave travel through it and understands it.

Outer Ear Layer

Pinna is another name for the outer ear. Its function is to direct the sound to the inner layer. This layer is helical in shape and is the only visible layer. All the other layers are not visible. Pinna is extremely important because the air inside the inner layer is under great pressure compared to the pinna i.e, outer layer.

Middle Ear Layer

The middle layer is essential as the middle layer of the ear separates the outer ear layer from the inner ear layer. The middle ear is used for transmission of sound waves from the outer layer into the inner layer. It is the part between the eardrum and one oval shaped part. Middle ear layer consists of the malleus, incus, and stape, etc.

Inner Ear Layer

Inner ear layer is one in which the sound waves are converted into impulses to send it to the brain as a signal. It consists of the following parts- The cochlea, the auditory nerves, the vestibular, etc.


The brain plays a very important role. It is made up of nerve tissue and its function is to release hormone and regulate blood pressure. Coming to the brain it is also the combination of various parts: The brain has three main parts-


It is the largest and major part of the brain. The cerebrum consists of two halves. Halves are also called hemispheres which are partitioned by an interhemispheric fissure or longitudinal fissure. Now halves consist of lobes. And each lobe has a different task to perform. Frontal lobes are located in the front of the brain as indicated by its name itself. The use to manage several activities like emotional activity, etc. Parietal lobes organize the information all together and are located just after the frontal lobe. The temporal lobe is used for recognizing of face, etc and is present at both the side of the brain just like ears. The occipital lobe is present at the back portion and its function it to read printed words, etc.


The cerebellum is present behind the occipital lobes. All the physical activities we do involve our hands and feet are done using this part of the brain.

Brain stem

The brain stem is the direct root of the spinal cord. Its location is in front of the cerebellum and itconsists of three parts-

  • Medulla oblongata
  • Pons
  • Midbrain

Above explained all the parts of ears transmit the sound signal to the brain.