Everything You Need to Know About Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island in Sharjah has been the most prominent tourist attraction for quite some time now. People who have visited the island often say that the air and energy completely change once you step onto this island. This is certainly believable as it offers you a plethora of different experiences with oozing air near the island.

So, if you want every day a well-spent day with your loved ones, then you should definitely visit this place. Curious much about the Island? If you want to know everything related to it, then carry on reading. You will certainly fall in love with the island just by reading about it.

Al Noor Island- Open Your Soul To Merriment

If you want to visit this Island, then go single-mindedly with the only thought of enjoyment. It has tropical weather, which is best suited for butterflies, and you can see them everywhere. Also, it has a beautiful landscape with so many children’s playgrounds which ensures a good time for your child.

People often visit this island just to escape from their realities and have a relaxing time of their own away from this chaotic world. Moreover, it also has places that are rich in art and sculpture, so if you are an art lover, then this indeed is a must-visit site for you.

Allure Of Al Noor Island- A Magnet For Tourists

Bring your loved ones closer by staying some nights in Al Noor Island. With its enticing weather and wonderful art sites, it has become a massive attraction for tourists. Most of the foreigners visit Sharjah just to find solace in this island. Unlike other islands, it is a family place as it has everything which can engage all the family members.

Art And Sculpture

The island is naturally so beautiful, which has everything in it. However, it lacked Art and Sculpture because it was an untouched land. Therefore, its makers have installed around six different masterpieces that complement the natural environment of the island. The pieces certainly look exotic and extraordinary once you come across them.

Butterfly House

Al Noor Island is home to more than 500 butterflies that have around 20 species. Thus having a butterfly house is an essential thing. This Butterfly House is backed up with the natural environment, which acts as a camouflage for the butterflies.

This way, so many butterflies get attracted to the Butterfly House and feel at home once they enter it. Therefore, this place becomes a huge magnet for tourists as they get to see so many butterflies in one place. Additionally, the time to visit it is 9 am to 6 pm, and children below 14 can enter the house without paying entry fees.

Night Beauty Of The Island

Although the morning in Al Noor Island can look colorful and full of life, the nights look even more incredible. This is because all the magnificent colors of morning diffuse charmingly into the night. Therefore the nights are mostly magical. Not to mention that it is an island, so it is surrounded by the sea, which adds more to its allure.

In simple words, all the nature lovers that enjoy the simple beauty and wonders of the world will love this place. Moreover, silence surrounds the night, which puts your mind at peace, and you sleep well in such an environment. Therefore, you find the next morning even more fabulous!

Additional Information

If you want to reach the island, then you can go there by using the footbridge, which is behind the Al Noor Mosque. Once you are on the bridge, just follow it as it will lead you to the island. However, avoid taking a four-wheeler or your own vehicle, as finding a space for parking could be hectic for you.

Also, it can consume a lot of your time there. Not to mention, people all around the globe visit this island to relax, thus the passage to it could be a bit crowded. Thus, taking a cab is a wiser choice. But if you seem to have your own vehicle, then you can park it somewhere near King Faisal Mosque.

Is It Worth Your Visit?

If you have read everything that is explained above, then you might have your answer. However, you should know that it’s worth your visit only if you are a nature lover for those who are still wondering. You will find a lot of plants, flowers, trees, and butterflies on this island. So, if you are seeking calm and comfort in nature, then it will be worth your time and money for sure!


These were the little details of the famous Al Noor Island of Sharjah. So if you want to spend a weekend filled with family love with a flair for the natural wonders of the world, visit this place as soon as possible. Once you visit this place, you might want to stay for much longer than you initially planned. So, keeping 2-3 days in reserve for the mood would be ideal.